Software development trends

There is perhaps no faster evolving industry in the modern world right now than software development. Over the past decade, expansion has been unprecedented, surpassing already high expectations.

In 2018, these trends are set to continue and evolve, in what should be another exciting year for the industry.

Whether you are a developer yourself or simply a business owner looking to the future, check out just what may be in store for next year.

The Evolution of Mobile Software

Over the last few years, the transition from desktop to mobile internet and software use has been swift. In fact, more people use apps and internet on their mobile phones than use desktop computers.

And in 2017, this trend evolved in the East, as well as the West, with huge markets like Japan now becoming more mobile driven.

A huge shift will continue to take place in 2018. A responsive desktop website will simply not cut the mustard anymore. Website will need to be mobile friendly and applications will need to be wide scoping and in perfect working order to satisfy a customer base.

Trusting the Cloud

When this connective-based software started to enter the market, many consumers were confused by its ambiguity. What is the cloud? How can it possibly work?

Luckily, Cloud technology has become commonplace and consumers are starting to use its useful connectivity functions with more frequency.

However, there is still significant trust issues regarding Cloud tech with the consumer market and this is what developers will be working on eradicating in 2018.

Companies are now putting far more money into Cloud security to ensure users that the software is reliable and safe. This should spark a huge rise in usage and will make this technology even more popular in 2018.

With the online gaming industry also making its way into Cloud technology, there could be significant spike in its popularity over the next two years.

The Wearable Market

The increasing popularity of wearable technology has in turn lead to a surge in software for the wearables market, and this is unlikely to slow down in 2018.

While the Apple Watch has had significant success in the this market, there are a number of other growing trends that will require wearables specific software, including fitness wear, camera equipment and the potentially ground-breaking virtual reality products.

Products of this nature require complex algorithms in order to function, which will ensure the growth of the wearables software market.

Security, Security, Security

Due to the popularity of social media combined with a rise in profiled cases of cyber-security threats, 2018 will continue to be a year where security software is in high-demand.

The rise in popularity of technologies like Cloud storage and tracking devices will organically increase the need for software which ensures the security of the user.

Security software will be in particularly high demand within business and commercial industries. With the amount of data stored by certain companies and the escalation of hacking prolific companies, security software that is virtually impenetrable will become an increasing request.

The Internet of Things

Almost certainly the hottest software development trend of 2017 so far, the Internet of Things is almost certain to expand and continue its rapid growth in 2018.

For the less technical savvy amongst us, the Internet of Things is a blanket term for things that are not online but can transmit data to other devices. Examples of these products are car parts, fridges, washing machines and more.

The consumer market is looking for more innovative and technological ways to gain ground in a very saturated industry and technologically advanced products are their way of doing this.

Therefore, software that caters for products who come under the umbrella of the Internet of Things is in growing demand and is set to become even bigger next year.

All About the User

The issue with the advancement in technological knowledge from the average citizen is that the demand for advanced software has increased substantially.

Gone are the days when software simply needed to be functional. Now, it must be aesthetically appealing, customisable and detailed.

Therefore, for many software development companies, improving user experience is key to their direction moving forward. This is why custom software has become so much more popular in 2017. People want a bespoke software package that complements their desires perfectly.

2018 should see a growth in customer software and a far more unique and detailed user experience, which should in turn create demand for even more advanced software.

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