Recently, more and more businesses are investing in custom softwares to help them grow and fill the needs of their brand. Bespoke software development offers the opportunity to innovate products and services in order to differentiate companies from their competitors. These new softwares are created in a way that puts the business at the heart; clients work with developers closely in order to communicate their ideas and create their vision. This personal touch offers businesses a tailored service, allowing them to attract more customers and talented employees.

This differs greatly to a general, off-the-shelf software which serves an array of business models with pre-packaged systems. Although less costly, an all-purpose software may not utilise all available features. The end result of a bespoke software, however, is a smoother work flow, exclusive services and the ability to meet customers’ demands. As a result, businesses are able to provide higher quality products and services for their customers, saving money elsewhere.

Why the increase in demand?

In the past, high costs and long delivery times meant that businesses were faced with complications when developing custom softwares. Nowadays, however, new technologies have resulted in a faster response for businesses, and an overall quicker process.

Firstly, the quality of open source components is quickly rising; software developers can choose between top frameworks and tools to use when developing a customised system for their client. They are able to explore and alter the design of these components to match their needs at a much lower cost than in the past.

Secondly, the ease of delivery has improved since the Cloud and SaaS delivery service. Cloud storage allows people to upload and save their data privately to the internet, where it is maintained, managed and backed-up. This data is available for selected parties to view over a network. Similarly, SaaS (Software as a Service) is a distribution model that allows clients to view applications hosted by the developers over the internet. This means that software developers are able to communicate ideas to their clients quickly and visually using this service.

As well as this, the implementation of agile development methodologies has led to an increase in demand for customisation of software. Developers are flexible to change as the process unfolds. This is all part of the bespoke service; the ability to communicate any alterations means developers can make the appropriate changes to ensure the service is exactly how their clients imagine it to be.

Finally, the continuation of support after launching the software means that businesses have access to a team of skilled people to help with any issues that may arise. With advice on search engine optimisation, software developers such as Helastel can continue to grow the online presence of their clients.


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