Software development trends

There is perhaps no faster evolving industry in the modern world right now than software development. Over the past decade, expansion has been unprecedented, surpassing already high expectations. In 2018, these trends are set to continue and evolve, in what should be another exciting year for the industry. Whether you are a developer yourself or Read More →

Recently, more and more businesses are investing in custom softwares to help them grow and fill the needs of their brand. Bespoke software development offers the opportunity to innovate products and services in order to differentiate companies from their competitors. These new softwares are created in a way that puts the business at the heart; Read More →


Software is a set of instructions written in code which will tell a computer to perform a task or a series of tasks. The code that software is written in is called a programming language, of which there are many varying in their level of complexity and the software that they are best suited to Read More →


‘Software’ refers to electronically stored data or computer instructions that is generally split into two categories: Systems software and application development software. Systems software consists of all of the instructions necessary for a computer to run hardware and application programs. The operating system, for instance, is system software that coordinates the basic functions of a Read More →